I will tell you that I created The Mike Singer Guitar Players Guide to be the BEST resource available for aspiring guitar players.  And I am telling you the truth.  You will discover that is true as soon as you access it.  But the BEST testimony always comes from other people who have accessed it.  All of the quotes below are quotes that I copied and pasted directly from comments that were sent to me by other people who have benefited from my lessons.

I will happily include your comments and testimony after you have benefited from The Mike Singer Guitar Players Guide.  I am very happy to know that I have helped others.  And I will help YOU.

All Of The Quotes Below Were Copied And Pasted Directly From My Customers/Students!

“Hey the videos are amazing…you rock!”

“Thanks! That was great help!”

“Thank you for the videos, it really helped!”

“Great videos man! Btw you’re a good singer as well.”

“Good playin and singin there mate! : ))”

“Great Lesson!! Amazing Lessons, I’d love you as my guitar teacher :D”

“very good teacher and singer!”

“Thanks for doing the hammerons slow bro!”

“coole music, good sound Mike !”

“great lessons!”

“That’s the way of teaching songs I was looking for… thanks man!”

“Greeting my new friend in music…Very lovely videos..Thumbs Up!”

“Thanks Mike. I love all your lessons. I like how you break it down but also keep it moving. I also like how much ground you cover with each clip. There are a lot of good teachers on Youtube but you rank up there with the best of them!”

“Wow this is really great. Thank you for sharing”

“Very good lesson, and i was surprised by your voice. you should sing more.”

“Great Mike, you played it beautiful. Great cover, cool vocals and great guitar my friend – John”

“May be unprofessional vid but damn nice playing man :)”

“Thank you Mike, very much interesting and fun and encouraging (the way you talk of singing in the bedroom…) and also the tricks and turnarounds you give.”

“Thanks for the lessons. Your enthusiasm is contagious.”

“This was killer, thanks!!!!”

“Thank you thank you thank you! You are the best YouTube teacher i ever had! :D”

“Keep up the good work!”

“Great lesson”

“Love all your lessons..can’t i request something from you?”

“From the heart. Well done. Rock n Roll”

“Nice tutorial”

“That’s the picking i needed. Sounds Great! Thanks”

“lol, youre a good guy…talented singer too….you a weekend warrior like alot of us?…i see all that equipment back there….later”

“nice teaching job”

“Really nice Videos !”

“I so much appreciate the time you have spent to help me with this and I am going to practice it very hard and eventually I will make another video to show you the accomplishments I will make because of your help. Thank you for your kindness, You are a hero in my book and
I look up to you and your abilities.”

“Thank you so much for your time and help !!!”

“Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much  !!!! you are so kind to take the time. I love the way you play and sing and you inspire me !!”

“Thank You very much for that lessons.”

“Thanks very much !!!”

“Mike, I am one of the first people to see your YouTube video’s.
You are so driven, it is almost scary.
But, said that, I see that you know your stuff, and people will learn a lot of you.
Also you have a great voice, suitable for rock, blues, everything.”

“Sublime!!!! Bravo…:)”

“Wow I’m going to try this song for sure. Nice lessons!”


“Wow thanks for this lessons I am a basic level in guitar but with your help I can practice to know how to play one of my favorite songs , thanks!”

“Great lesson!”

“The best long train running lesson on Youtube. This song is perfect for two hand workout.”

“This is the best Long Train demo on YouTube, period! Not only that, but it’s musically correct, which cannot be said for most of the other guys. Thanks, man!!”

“Great video style for guitar tutorial. I like the way the video operator cuts from left to right throughout (like Blair Witch Hunt with a purpose!). You show a lot in a short time, and I appreciate the pace. Much different style than other tuts on Utube. I’m on the lookout for your videos now.”

“nice organised teaching mike”

“you put it all together in a very practical way.”

“I signed in just to say….FANTASTIC. Thanks man.”

“ONE of the best guitar tutorials I’ve every seen….keep up the good work.”

“Ciarán, bass player from Ireland! happy to see someone who makes legit guitar lessons with actual skill”

“Good lesson, Im a bass player, still found it pretty straightforward!!”

“Ive been looking for decent tutorial of the ABB version that I liked. This ones it. Thanks Bro….”

“cool cool cool”

“Very helpful! thank you!”

“Thank you, thank you thank you thank you ! :)”

“This just sounds so sweet. You have talent sir…”

“thank you so much! I am only twelve and have been taking guitar for only a year. You have made this very undifficult for me. I will probably sing it for a per formance :3″

“u know what great thanks i made my dad cry when i played this song at his b day”

“I love you ! Thank you!!!!! Best lesson ever!!!!”

“great mike ! you the coolest ever”

“Mike thank you by the fantastic lesson, now i can say: I learned to play Blackbird witj Mike, the best teacher of the youtube!!! Thank you so much, you’re a very good teacher!!!”

“are you superman? jkg :D”

“very nice Iv’e been playing guitar since I was 17 am 59 now still stuck in all those a e f g chords I can do bar chords but if there’s a change and any sound variation I get frustrated to the point I just give up but this seems pretty direct and doable thank you for giving up your time to show this”

“Teach that SRV style Little Wing…. I dare ya! Just kidding… sort of… would love to learn it.
Just recently found your channel. GOOD STUFF! No Kidding!”

“Great video! Just after getting my groove on with this lesson! Thanks and keep up the good work!”

“excellent tutorial, very well broken down. Thanks :-)”

“parabéns mike.você toca muito!!!!!! esse timbre de guitarra é um dos meus preferidos.valeu irmão!!”

“Great interview, excellent books & CD! A much needed product in today’s world, whereby children typically get their musical education from Hip Hop videos…… Every parent should have a copy to read and teach their children how to appreciate what music is all about!!!”

“Such a great lessons! Thanks!”

“you are amazing! thx a million!”

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Lesson 5 – Playing & Naming All of the Notes on All of the Guitar Strings
Lesson 6 – Basic Major Chords: A, B, C, D, E, F, G (“Open” Position)

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Lesson 1 – I, IV, V Progressions in the 7 Primary Keys
Lesson 2 – E Minor/G Major Pentatonic Scale With Blues Note & Major/minor 3rds (All Patterns)
Lesson 3 – Bending, Sliding, Hammer-ons, Pull-offs, Hammer-on/Pull-offs, Pull-off/Hammer-ons
Lesson 4 – E Position Bar Chords: Major, Minor, Minor 7th, Dominant 7th, & Major 7th
Lesson 5 – A Position Bar Chords: Major, Minor, Minor 7th, Dominant 7th, & Major 7th
Lesson 6 – A Quick & Comprehensive Lesson in Music Theory
Lesson 7 – 12 Bar Blues (Key of E) in the “Open” Position (“Linear” Pattern)

OPTION 4: Advanced Level Guitar – JUST $40!

Lesson 1 – Major Scale (All Modes): Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian
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Lesson 3 – Tips, Tricks, & Secrets
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Mike Singer Music Learning Guides

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